Energy Water System


High Quality Ceramic Filter – less than 0.9 micron
Activated Carbon Filter – maximum polution control
Bacteriostatic Filter – kill germ & bacterias
Celulosa Filter – for dangerous particle
Bio Energy Transformer – to break water molecul, increase body metabolism.

Wide Energy spectrum for effective blood distribution. Mineral and calcium provider to daily drinking water. Increase body immune, for healthy and beautiful life.

* Content double bio-energy and increase body cells activity.
* Increase nutrients absorption effectiveness.
* Enrich water mineral composition for body health.
* Eliminate toxin, bacteria, chlorine and metallic element to ensure drinking water safety.
* Rid unpleasant smell.
* Help coordinate pH body acidic.
* Ensure beauty and skin fineness and food freshness.

A Reason to Own
* Hygienic
* Saving Money & Time
* Well Filtering Water System for direct piping
* Compact Design
* Durable
* Light & Easy Operation

Ideal for
* Landed Houses
* Condominium
* Office
* Restaurants
* Hotel
* Laboratory & Hospital
* Commercial & Industries Use Specifications

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