The Ph Miracle for Weight Loss by Dr.Robert O Young



In this book, I (Rob) Put forth the radical proposition that what matters most is keeping your body alkaline, rather than acidic – and how striking that balance allows your body to let go of unnecessary fat cells forever.

Practically speaking, getting to – and keeping – your ideal weight requires eating plenty of high-quality, healthful fats and focusing your food choices around green vegetables. The biggest secret of all is actually in what you drink, and this book reveals how keeping your body sufficiently hydrated with the right water makes all the difference. These are the tenets of The PH Miracle of Weight Loss, which you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s Not the Fats, It’s the Acidity.

When it comes to all the extra weight we are carrying around, we have to understand the cause before we can comprehend the cure. Any program that addresses only the

obvious symptom of the problem (excess pounds) will never truly solve the problem. It’s like pulling a weed without getting the root. To this point, the cause of obesity has been misunderstood anyway. We’ve been pulling up roots like Cray, but none of them connected to the actual weeds we’re trying to rid the garden of! Subsequently, not only do we still have weeds, but also the flowers and plants are suffering.
Weighing too much is not about fat. We’ve been focused on low fat everything for a couple of decades now, and look where that has gotten us. Nor is it about calories, carbs or cholesterol. Collectively, we’ve tried all that. Too, and still we, as a culture are fatter than we’ve ever been.
That will never change until we grasp what’s really at the heart of the matter: acid. The body retains fat as a protection against the overproduction of acids produces by the typical Western diet. Some of these acids are eliminated through the bowels, urinary tract, and better motivation to make the changes you know you need to make than to get a good, honest look at what exactly is circulating through your body- and no better way to commit to those changes permanently than to see, right before your eyes, what an incredible difference they make.

You Are What You Drink

The human body is 70 percent water. You’ve got roughly 10 to 13 gallons /45 to 50 litres of water in your body. Water makes up 75 percent by volume of your muscles and heart, 83 percent of your brain and kidneys, 86 percent of your lungs, and 95 percent of your eyes, Even 22 percent of your bones is actually water. Most telling of all, your blood is 90 percent water. You are, quite literally, what you drink. If you don’t drink enough – and most Americans don’t – or if you drink the wrong things, you will compromise your body and your health. Your weight will be one obvious sign of that compromise. That’s why I firmly believe the single most important thing you can do to not only be healthy but also to find and stay at your ideal weight is to drink good water – and plenty of it.


To be truly healthful, your water must also be alkaline. Pure distilled water ranks an even 7 on the pH scale. Anything above is 7 is alkaline, and so better than acidic water, but to get the full benefits of alkaline water – neutralizing the acids that make you fat – I recommend water that’s at least 9.5 on the pH scale (and as high as 11.5 to 12.5 in cases of serious health conditions, including extreme obesity). Most water today is more acidic than neutral. Image: you’re drinking acidic water, requiring your body to draw down its stores of alkaline substances even more just to neutralize water that by rights should be neutral in the first place – when you could be saving those stores by providing good alkaline water. And don’t be fooled by “pH-balanced” claims like the ones on certain bottled water labels: “Naturally pH balanced at 7.2.” True, that is just the slightest but alkaline, and it is certainly better than acidic water. But to really reap the benefits of alkaline water. That pH just isn’t high enough.
Drinking alkaline water washes away acids and wastes, helping your whole body stay alkaline. By providing alkaline water to neutralize and remove acid from the tissues, you’ll stop the body from gleaning alkaline substances from other body parts to do the job – like leeching calcium from your bones. Acidic water could contain toxic metal ions, like lead, cadmium, and mercury, which in excess can cause serious health issues. Conversely, alkaline water may be filled with alkaline minerals your body needs, like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, and in the only form your body can absorb (ionic). And negative microforms won’t be able to thrive in an environment supplied with plenty of alkaline water.

Electron Activity / Energy / Energy Potential

To reach your ideal weight, your water must be energized. Energized water is saturated with electrons, highly charged, and full of potential energy. You already know that alkaline water has a negative charge because of all its electrons, whereas acids are dominated by positively charged protons, and that it is the attraction of electrons to the protons that neutralizes harmful acids. Here I’ll explain the two ways to measure the electron activity, or energy potential, of water: ORP and rH2.
The value of ORP (oxidative reduction potential) quantifies the amount of energy in your water (or anything else) by numbering its electrons. It is expressed in millivolts (mV). Make sure your water registers in negative millivolts. To get you to your ideal weight, your water should have an ORP of at least –50mV. (And you don’t want to go beyond –1,250mV, and as you get close to that you only want a small amount of it on any given day. ) That means there will be sufficient electron activity to neutralize excess acids that would otherwise cause your body to gain or hold weight. Most tap water comes in at about +500mV.
Consider rH2 (reduction of hydrogen: sometimes called “redox”) as sort of a backup measure to ORP. RH2 is measured on a scale, just the way pH is. The rH2 scale ranges from 0 to 44, with 22 being neural: the lower the number, the greater the concentration of electrons, With each step, the number of electrons increases by a factor of 10; water with rH2 of 22 has 10 times more electrons than water at 23. An increase of just two places on the scale, then, means 100 times fewer electrons. You want your water to have an rH2 of 22 or less. Unfortunately, most municipalities have, on average, an rH2 of 30 or greater, That’s 100 million fewer electrons than you’re aiming for. Our water is not providing us with the energy we need to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight.

Molecular Structure

The final critical characteristic of water to consider is molecular structure. In most tap and bottled water, H2O molecules tend to cluster together in groups of 10 to 20. Electron activity occurs on the surface of a molecule, and as molecules cluster together, the total surface area decreases, thereby decreasing electron activity. Conversely, the smaller the clusters formed, the higher the electron activity. Furthermore, large clusters of molecules can’t permeate cell membranes very well, and so can’t hydrate the cells from the inside. The smaller the size of the cluster of molecules, the better able the water is to hydrate the cell and the more oxygen it can provide.
Your water should have no more than five to six molecules clustered together, Ideally you’d get monomolecular water – each molecule stands as an individual, without clustering.

Micro-ionized water increases the amount of electrons in the water. It creates fully monomolecular water; the only process to do so; thus, no other water can provide as much energy potential or be as easily absorbed by the body and the cells.

Good water

Water that will help you live at your ideal weight, and in general good health, has

No impurities (pesticides or other chemicals, metals like arsenic or lead or other toxins, organism or contaminants including bacteria, yeast, mould and algae. )
A PH of at least 9.5
An ORP of –50mV or better
A maximum of five or six molecules per cluster

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