Bio Bond Trading was established in 1988 years ago & founded by a Professional water system group specially for wholesaler & retailer. We developed new Water Filtration Technologies with the certificate to keep up customer’s requirement.

Using Best Filtration

Using the best filtration media from USA, Korea, Japan, Taiwan And China filtration technology in our product.

Best Quality

Creating our own brand and providing first class quality product to all our consumer.

Industries Specialist

Specialized in all major of water drinking filtration and purification industries.

Leading Supplier

Leading supplier of water filtration system for domestic and commercial market include residential, factory, Food & beverage Industry, Shop and etc.

USA High Technology Filter

Outdoor Master Filtration - first class quality of the brand-new ultra filtration system - Aqua Clean membrane with USA High Technology Filter.

2007 Super Excellent Brand

Indoor - 2007 Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand Ionized Alkaline Antioxidant Water with the latest advanced Nano-tech Baked Titanium Platinum Electrodes.

Featured Products

What's in your water?

Does the government really know? Do you really know? Below are some of the major contaminants found in your drinking water today. Toxic-Metal (Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Nitrates, Copper, Etc) Radioactive Metals (Radium, Uranium, Ceacesium, Plutonium, Etc.) Micro-biological (E-Coli, Giardia, Hepatitis, Cryptosporidium, Etc.) Petro-Chemicals (Gasoline, Herbicides, Pesticides, Solvents, Etc.)

Our bodies are made up of 70% water. Each day we lose...

2% of that in our everyday activities. If we do an hour of exercise, we lose even more.

It’s a proven fact that if you lose 2% or more of your body water, you are de-hydrated. The average adult loses 2½ to 3 liters of fluid a day through sweating, breathing, urinating, moving, even sleeping. Thus, the body becomes dehydrated.

A survey done for the Nutrition Information Center at Cornell Medical Center revealed that 10% of those polled admitted to drinking no water at all!

The average person gets only about 1 liter (approximately 35 ounces) of liquid a day. Much of that liquid comes from acidic coffee, tea, and soft drinks—many of which actually rob your body of water.

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